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Burndy Products

FCI-BURNDY ® Products are manufactured by Electrical Division which is part of the third largest connector manufacturer in the world, and provides reliable connection systems and solutions to the Telecommunications, Data, Industrial, Instrumentation and Energy Industries.

Exceptional customer service, the industry's highest quality products, and continuous innovation are the things that FCI-BURNDY® Products prides itself on providing.Burndy Products

We have a wide range of tooling for all your connector needs and an electrical connector to meet every one of your power needs. Connectors are available for splicing, tapping, terminating, for conducting or grounding with system-designed tools for application by hydraulic, mechanical or powder actuated.

With superior manufacturing technology, FCI-BURNDY® Products can create and build any custom connector for our valued customer with our advanced engineering support teams.

80 years of dedicated customer support in both service and product, our customers need to look no further than FCI-BURNDY® Products for all their connector needs.

Contact your Telephone Switching representative to discuss the correct FCI Burndy product for your application.