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At C&D TECHNOLOGIES, we concentrate on what we do best—making some of the finest power storage and conversion systems on the planet. But this is something our customers already know. That’s why telecommunications giants turn to C&D Technologies for dependable power systems.

C&D TECHNOLOGIES is also highly focused on power system integration. By offering products that can monitor and rectify AC-to-DC current to power the switches and other equipment, as well as provide backup battery power, we can give customers of any size — particularly in the telecommunications industry — a total power package.


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msEndur II Flooded Batteries Sageon Power Systems


VRLA Batteries

Flooded Batteries

Sageon Power Systems

MSE Series KCT / KT Series Sageon
msEndur II Series KCR / KAR Series Sageon Micro
VRLA Racks LCT II 1700 Series Sageon Power Module
  LCT / LT Series Integrated Power System
  LCT – HP Series Sageon Sentry
  Flooded Racks Sageon Titan