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The PS-11-RTM (Ring Trip Mitigator) POTS Splitter is a passive low-pass filter designed to provide POTS service in concert with ADSL2+ technology. The device blocks high frequency energy from interfering with POTS equipment. The PS-11-RTM employs a low-pass filter for standard voice-grade lines.

With emerging technologies such as ADSL2 and ADSL2+ and enhanced services like video, the POTS splitter is an integral part of the network.

The PS-11- RTM is specifically designed for video over DSL applications. The unique design of the PS-11-RTM addresses specific concerns effecting video such as ring-trip problems. When used in conjunction with Wilcom's ADSL2+ CO PS-4100 splitter series, modem re-syncing is virtually eliminated.

The PS-11-RTM POTS Splitter is unique because of its convenient mounting location inside the Network Interface Device (NID). The PS-11-RTM is similar in size to a standard station protector and mounts on the Telco side of the Network Interface Device (NID). The terminal strip allows for easy installation so the installer can simply connect the existing premise wiring to the PHONE terminals on the splitter, and have POTS service up and running within minutes without expensive, and time-consuming rewiring. ATU-R terminals connect directly to the ADSL equipment with existing cable.

Features and



Compatible with ADSL2+

The PS-11-RTM POTS Splitter is compatible with all ADSL coding schemes

Unique Footprint

The PS-11-RTM is designed to so it can be installed into a wide variety of manufactured Network Interface Devices

Video over DSL Applications

The PS-11-RTM is optimized for video over DSL subscribers of less than 9,000 feet (2745 m). For DSL subscribers on longer loops use the PS-11-I2

√ Convenient Mounting

The PS-11-RTM POTS Splitter is unique because of its convenient mounting location in the Telco side of the Network Interface Device

Passive Low Pass Filter

Passive filter design for continuous phone service in the event of an AC power failure

Environmentally Hardened

The PS-11-RTM is environmentally hardened for extreme installation conditions