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Wilcom has been manufacturing reliable, easy-to-use telephone line test equipment and transmission products since 1967. Our products include one-of-a-kind optical fiber testers and hard-to-find telecommunication test sets.

Telephone, CATV, and LAN industries use Wilcom devices for much more than testing, maintaining and installing networks. We also offer a full range of transmission repeaters, line-powered amplifiers and loop extenders.

Wilcom believes in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. More than 95% of our revenue comes from repeat business. Our expanding base of international and domestic distributors and manufacturer's representatives extends to the Pacific Rim, Canada, Europe and Latin America.


Wilcom POTS splitter

Wilcom Product Line Card

Additionally, Wilcom manufactures the
DSL600-PS Universal POTS Splitter

The DSL Universal POTS Splitter is an advanced external filtering solution specifically designed to filter high frequency DSL noise from analog customer premises equipment by separating the DSL signal from the analog voice signal. The DSL Universal POTS Splitter includes a filtered analog pair for connection to the inside wiring and a DSL pair for connection to the DSL modem, thus allowing analog voice or fax transmission while simultaneously using the DSL line. The DSL Universal POTS Splitter incorporates innovative passive filtering technology, thereby enhancing voice reception and analog data transmission. The DSL Universal POTS Splitter installs on the customer side or network side of the NID via terminal connections or splicing.